Students Noticed a Boy was Wearing The Same Clothes and Decided to Help Him

date June 29th, 2020 category Stories

A boy Michael Todd wore the same clothes to school for the first 3 weeks before anybody noticed. After that people made fun of him laughed at him and bullied him. His mother couldn’t afford to buy him new clothes. Two of the boys picking on him were Antwan Garrett and Kristopher Graham. But over time they noticed that the words they told him felt like bullying and seemed that they were hurting him. When they left school Graham came up with a plan to give Todd some of their clothes. So the next day at school, Graham and Garrett gave him a duffel bag of clothes so Todd wouldn’t have to were the same thing each day. They apologized for laughing and making fun of him. This made Todd’s day so much better. He also didn’t sit by himself at lunch anymore.

This was so nice of the boys to do. They decided to take their time to grab their clothes and give it to someone they didn’t know. But this made the kid happy and hope that they felt good afterwards. They did the right thing.