Our Mom’s

Our Mom knew she always wanted to be a Mom- as Mom likes to say she kissed a bunch of frogs before meeting our Dad.

On their first date she shared her desire to be a Mom- our Dad already had 3 children but knew our Mom was super special and within months they knew they were soulmates.

Our Mom was pregnant with twins – they were happy and excited!!!

But when Mom was 5 months pregnant…tragedy struck and she was rushed to the hospital with serious pain- after several hours and major blood loss our Mom was in a coma…It wasn’t until a few days later after the doctors removed the breathing tube and she woke up that she realized she had lost her babies – 2 boys.

Mom and Dad were devastated.

Mom told us that once the cards, flowers and visitors stopped coming and when she was all alone – it was then she remembers making a mental choice -She could either make this loss define her and be sad forever or she could be strong and figure it out…she says she knew she was going to be a Mom one way or another and she felt she had two angels guiding her (her lost baby boys).

Mom had another miscarriage early in another pregnancy – it was then she thought about adoption – so she started her research- our Mom was determined – little did she know we were already in an orphanage waiting for her.

Although Mom and Dad filled out all the forms and paperwork with the first adoption agency they signed with -Mom says “something still didn’t feel right”.

So Mom started searching the internet and came across another agency far away and says she felt drawn to them for some reason, Without any background check Mom went with her gut and agreed to use them.

Mom eventually received two photos of two little boys and guess what – they were of us!!!

Mom says knew in a instant we were meant to be a family…

After major paperwork, two trips and some craziness in Siberia Russia – the four of us eventually became a family!

We have the best parents and since day one our Mom has taught us to be positive.

She says with any failure there is always a positive lesson to learn and to always believe in ourselves. That any dream is possible…but sometimes that dream may take path different than the path we think.

We believe her and this is why we started Only Positive Stories.

We were two boys almost 2 years of age in an orphanage in Siberia Russia and our Mom and Dad were two people wanting to be parents halfway around the world…Somehow we found each other -somehow we became a family!

Now that is “One Positive Story”!!

So join us – help us share your positive story!

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She also wrote a book titled
Mom At Last