Needle Workers Join Together to Break a World Record for the Longest Bunting

date May 28th, 2020 category Stories

Needle workers around the world join together to create a world-record for the longest Bunting. A bunting is a form of decorative stringed flags most popular in the UK. These people had 79,000 flags connected. This stretched 9 miles long which was double the size of the previous Guinness world record. This is great because …

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Watch Egbert the Octopus Open this Jar!

date May 27th, 2020 category Stories

Elora and her octopus friend Egbert can’t be separated.  Look at how cute he is as he tries to open this jar. This shows us that no matter how hard you try there is always a way. Keep pursuing your dreams! :]

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Dog adopts orphaned monkey after its mother was poisoned… and now it loves nothing more than cuddling up to its new parent

date March 19th, 2020 category Cute Animals

Heart-warming images show a heavily pregnant dog who seems to have adopted an orphaned baby monkey after its mother was poisoned. The infant monkey can be seen hugging and playing around the dog, as the mother-to-be seems to be enjoying having him around. Photographer Prakash Badal 48, snapped the images while visiting Chakki Mor, Solan …

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Hop along! Penguins enjoy wandering around their aquarium in Cape Town

date March 19th, 2020 category All post

Footage has surfaced of a group of penguins hopping down a flight of stairs in their Cape Town aquarium. The video shows a colony of African penguins and some rescued rockhopper penguins allowed to roam freely outside their enclosure. The adorable birds bounce down two flights of stairs, with very few slip ups. As the …

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A Deaf Guy Adopted A Deaf Rescue Puppy And Taught Him Sign Language

date March 6th, 2020 category Stories

Many people are now acknowledging the significance of adopting dogs from shelters rather than buying them from stores and breeders. Many people are instinctively drawn to giving homeless or abandoned animals a new forever home where they’ll get the love and care that they deserve. However, here, too are hang-ups. Older dogs and dogs that …

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Pit Bull Dragged His 7-Month-Old Sister By Her Diaper Out Of The Family’s Burning Home

date March 6th, 2020 category Childs

For the most part, babies and dogs are a great combination to have in any home. However, when it comes to dog breeds, Pitbulls are often judged as not being a family-friendly breed. But anyone who’s owned one knows that isn’t true. And one mother in California learned that first-hand after her family underwent a …

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