Tiffany Haddish donates 100 suitcases to foster kids so they feel like travelers

date January 6th, 2021 category All post

Ask anyone in the world of comedy about Tiffany Haddish and they’ll tell you her “overnight success” was a long time coming. From hitting comedy club after comedy club to seeking advice from and rubbing elbows with successful talents (like Kevin Hart) Haddish was constantly working on herself and developing her talent. So when she …

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Students Noticed a Boy was Wearing The Same Clothes and Decided to Help Him

date June 29th, 2020 category Stories

A boy Michael Todd wore the same clothes to school for the first 3 weeks before anybody noticed. After that people made fun of him laughed at him and bullied him. His mother couldn’t afford to buy him new clothes. Two of the boys picking on him were Antwan Garrett and Kristopher Graham. But over …

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A Teen In New York Cleaned The City For 10 Hours and Got Rewarded.!!

date June 16th, 2020 category Stories

New York Teen Got a Scholarship From Cleaning the City. Antonio Gwynn Jr. a high school student in Buffalo, New York cleaned the city for 10 hours straight, and got rewarded with a scholarship. Gwynn Jr. said he was worried people wouldn’t be able to commute to work in the morning so he cleaned the …

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