Diver Spots Rare Pink Manta Ray!

date June 9th, 2020 category Stories

Diver Spots Rare Pink Manta Ray!

Kristian Laine an Australian diver was diving off the coast of the Great Barrier Reef. He first saw a “manta train” go past. A manta train is when a couple of males follow a female to see who is the most compatible. He then suited up and took a dive.

When Laine was following the train he noticed something different. He noticed that one of the males had a pink ventral side. He believed his camera equipment was malfunctioning. It turns out that the same Manta Ray had been spotted before and was named Inspector Clouseau. Here is where you can find Inspector Clouseau and Kristian Laine

Pink manta ray named Inspector Clouseau

The moral of the story is sometimes in life there are rare occasions, and when these happen savor them forever. Remember to STAY POSITIVE!!