An Example of Honesty!

date January 18th, 2020 category Stories

A Michigan man named Howard Kirby purchased an old couch for a mere $70 and found a hidden treasure inside it: $43,000 in cash! Now that is a real moral dilemma for anyone: What to do with it? He decided to call up the store where he made the purchase and ask them to track down the previous owner.

He said the couch felt uncomfortable so he opened it up to see what was causing the issue.

After a while, the store staff were able to find the previous owners of the couch. They said their late grandfather had stashed away the cash, and they had no idea he did that!

Kirby explained that his strong faith helped him make the choice to return the money in full. A truly positive story!

Article Source: Michigan father, 64, finds $43,000 in cash stuffed in second-hand couch set