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Only Positive Stories is a place where you can find the inspiring, real-life and positive stories written by the positive people and you can share them with your children and teens to inspire them and help them achieve their goals. Our stories can help your kid become the best version of themselves and make the world a better place. We know how beautiful this life is when you start enjoying each and every moment of yours. So, we aim to fill it with the positive thoughts, no matter what your current circumstances are.


Do you have a positive story to share? Do you have a personal story that people can relate to and get inspired? Or anything else that is interesting and worth sharing with the world? Then share it with us all. Come on, give it to us. We will then check it manually and then publish it on our website.

Welcome To Only Positive Stories

The reason we decided to make this website was for people to look at the brighter side of life and not so much the negative. My brother and I were orphans in Siberia Russia and our Mom and Dad flew from America to adopt us and bring us back. Now we live a great life and we stay positive most of the time even when things don’t go so great.

We wanted to bring out our positivity and give it to the world. We would love to have more people like us join in and spread positivity. We understand the world can’t be perfect but even if we change peoples focus from negativity to positivity in a small way it may make a big impact in the world. The stories we share on our page and website may lift peoples spirits and produce positive changes in our lives. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to have more positive stories.

As a global community, Only Positive Stories has always been committed to supporting the voices and truths of kids and teens. We will keep bringing the motivational stories from all over the world. When it comes to publishing your story, we welcome you all. As long as it is personal, inspirational, and straight from the heart, we want your story. We hope you’ll find our website useful for your kids. We really want to hear about your experience with this site, so please give us feedback anytime.

About Us

My Mom always taught us to be positive and happy!!!

Our back story – we were orphans in Siberia Russia until our Mom and Dad brought us home and made us a family.

Our life has been great – we love school, sports our friends and family. We know a bit of positivity can go a long way.

Every night my Mom would ask us both to tell her what positive thing happened and every morning we would read a positive quote. It worked we are happy most of the time.

We want to share our positive attitude with others and hope to make a little bit of change in a world where we hear complaining and negativity.

So join us at and on social media and BE POSITIVE!


Your story is really amazing and has inspired me to be a better parent. There are only a limited number of stories that have ever stopped me in my tracks, leaving me both stunned and inspired, promising myself to strive to be better tomorrow. Thank you for bringing the positivity to society. Keep bringing the stuff.