Two Brothers, A Few friends and One Mission to help others to Think Positive

Sharing Positivity

At Only Positive stories we want to you to not only Think Positive but also to Wear Positive! Our Find your strong "in you" collection is about being proud of you. From the sports fields to gaming to reading books. Check out our collection.

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Two Brothers – a Few Friends and one Mission

My Mom always taught us to be positive and happy!!!

Our back story – we were orphans in Siberia Russia until our Mom and Dad brought us home and made us a family.

Our life has been great – we love school, sports our friends and family. We know a bit of positivity can go a long way.

Every night my Mom would ask us both to tell her what positive thing happened and every morning we would read a positive quote. It worked we are happy most of the time.

We want to share our positive attitude with others and hope to make a little bit of change in a world where we hear complaining and negativity.

So join us at and on social media and BE POSITIVE!

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Exciting News!!!

Only Positive Stories founders, Dylan and Hunter Simons, team up with CASA/Mentee Program to help kids “Find The Strong” in themselves!

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